Lions aren’t having Jahvid Best take neurological tests anymore

According to Anthony Kuehn of the Detroit Free-Press, the Lions are no longer having running back Jahvid Best take any neurological tests because his career is pretty much over at this point.

The most recent reports indicate that Best isn’t even taking neurological tests at this point, as it is likely his career is over. However, the Lions are keeping him on the roster despite the fact that he will almost definitely done playing.

Kuehn explains why the Lions haven’t released Best or forced him to retire.

This is a very classy move by the Lions organization, at least I hope it is motivated by compassion rather than public relations. The Lions would realize minimal if any cost savings by cutting Best and once Best gets cut he stops accruing time in the league’s pension program.


The Lions are keeping Best on the roster to pump up his post retirement benefits as high as they can and then he will retire once his contract is up. Unless, by some miracle he is able to play again.


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