Le’Veon Bell says things will start going the Steelers way

Steelers rookie running back Le’Veon Bell believes that despite their 0-4 start, things will start going their way at some point.

“We’re going too keep working. We’re not going to change nothing,” Bell said. “Eventually, things will start going our way. We’ve got to keep chipping away. Nothing is easy in the NFL, so we’ve got to keep chipping away.”

Bell told reporters that things slowed down for him during the second half of his first regular season NFL game.

“The game slowed down for me, especially in the second half,” Bell said. “The first couple of carries it felt fast, real fast, but I got adjusted to it. I calmed down a little bit.
I got more comfortable .”

Bell thought he did well in pass protection.

“Even in the passing game I did a good job of helping the o-linemen with chips, catching the ball out of the backfield,” Bell said. “There’s still a lot of things I can work on, but blocking I did well. It just wasn’t enough.”

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