Leslie Frazier done in Minnesota?

Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com told Peter King on The MMQB Podcast that he believes Leslie Frazier will be fired by the Vikings after this season.

I think Frazier is a heck of a coach that doesn’t deserve to be fired. ┬áBut owner aren’t patient with their head coaches the way the Steelers are.

If the Vikings are going to move on from Frazier it would be after this season so a new coach could bring in his own quarterback like a Johnny Manziel or Marcus Mariota.



  • Jim

    Johnny Manziel is not a nfl QB!!!! STAY OUT OF THE NFL!!!Leslie Frazier is done in minnesota, HE SUCKS!!! AND TAKE PONDER WITH YOU……..BYE,BYE

    • http://yahoo.com john fleischmann

      Johnny is not the answer, but please take ponder-frazier and freeman and put out the help wanted sign for a new coach who has the knowledge to pick us a QB.

  • Anonymous

    I dont think Frazier needs to go, I think he is a good coach. The problem (as I see it) is the Offensive and defensive Coordinator’s.

    • Anonymous

      And who do you suppose hires offensive and defensive coordinators?

  • Anonymous

    don’t waste your time with Manziel, go after AJ McCarron. Roll Tide

  • Anonymous

    The Vikings need to clean house, start right from the top with Rick Spielman and get someone that can pick real talent in drafts or trades. Get a motivational coach like Gruden or Cowher. Trade Adrian Peterson while you can get something for him. AP won’t have another 2012 season until the Vikings get a quality QB, it’s Peterson against the opposition defense, 11 against 1 Adrian doesn’t have a chance. Somehow get Tony Dungee in the brain trust and if all this takes place then you will see the Vikings as contenders again.