LeSean McCoy wonders if he can rush for 2,000 yards in 2014

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy seems to be shooting for a 2,000 yard rushing season in 2014.

“I’m wondering if I get 2,000 yards,” McCoy said via Philly.com Monday upon winning the John Wanamaker Athletic Award for being the athlete who has done the most to reflect credit upon Philadelphia and the team or sport in which they excel. “Can I win it next year?”

McCoy also had some great things to say about Nick Foles.

“Nick, he wants to play, he wants to get better,” McCoy said. “He’s playing lights-out even in camp, but he still wants to be at a higher level. He’s at that peak where people know him like, ‘Man, this Foles, is he that good?’ Because you see the stats, you see the numbers. I think this is the year he blows ‘em out like, ‘Yeah, I’m Nick Foles. I’m Philadelphia’s quarterback. I’m the guy.’ And this is the year he blows it away.”


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