LeSean McCoy says his rivalry with Osi Umenyiora is dead

Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy told the SportsRadio WIP Player’s Lounge show on Monday that his rivalry and beef with Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora is over.

“We crossed paths a couple times, we gave each other the eye,” McCoy said. “In the warmups, we looked at each other funny. I think after the game, it’s time to get over this Osi and LeSean thing because after the game [Umenyiora] said ‘you’re a heck of a player, we’re in this business, let’s get over this.’ He said, ‘let’s be done with it.’ Being a bigger man, also for myself, you’ve got to focus on the Giants, they’re a good team already. My goal is not an inter-division battle with Osi. It’s with the Giants, and trying to get to the Super Bowl.”

It was fun while it lasted, but both players are arguably the best at their position and it’s time for both Osi and LeSean to focus on trying to get to the Super Bowl.


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