LeSean McCoy says he doesn’t regret saying Knowshon Moreno “sucks”

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy met with the media on Wednesday and made it clear that he meant what he said when he tweeted that Knowshon Moreno “sucks.”

“I don’t want to talk about the past,” McCoy said via CSNPhilly.com. “It is what it is. What I said is what I meant.”

He was asked if he regrets what he said.

“No,” McCoy replied.

Ok well then.

I think McCoy is one of the top running backs in the NFL and love the way he plays the game.  But his arrogance is off the charts.



  1. says

    You know, guys, that’s real ‘mature’ getting on public media and cursing each other out. degrading remarks.
    How about we build each other up and compliment each other: AFTER ALL we’re making thousands if not MILLIONS of dollars playing a fast paced bitchin hard hitting sport.
    Come on guys, enough. People are going to think you are either mentally deranged or you have no class or maybe you had another concussion.

  2. says

    typical mouthy guy who only wants to carry the FB on rotation basis and needs a rest in between. Most backs like getting the ball. It’s a wonder the Duce puts up with him.

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