Leonard Hankerson has been inconsistent at Redskins camp

According to Rich Campbell of the Washington Times, Redskins wide receiver Leonard hankerson was very inconsistent during practice over this past weekend.

Receiver Leonard Hankerson had an inconsistent practice, which fits what Shanahan said about him afterward: “He’s got to be more consistent, not only blocking but catching the short route, the deep route.”

Hankerson dropped a pass in the end zone after separating from the cornerback on a go route during one-on-one drills. “He has to have that concentration level,” Shanahan said. “He has to be mentally tough to make those plays in practice, which will carry over to games.”

Hankerson also didn’t beat cornerback Jerome Murphy’s jam on one rep during one-on-ones. Murphy got into his chest and rode him wide to disrupt the timing of Hankerson’s route back to the middle of the field.

On the plus side, Hankerson used his body to shield cornerback David Amerson and catch a high throw on a comeback route near the sideline. He completed the catch with Amerson draped on his back. Again, consistency.

If Hankerson can’t get his act together he may not make the Redskins finals roster.


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