LeBron James looks darn good in a football uniform

LeBron James is one of the best if not the best athlete to ever walk the Earth. There is little doubt that James could have been a professional athlete in almost any sport he wanted (except maybe extreme ironing, but who knows) had he put in the time and effort.

When James donated new football uniforms to his high school alma mater, we got a taste of what it would have looked like had he chosen football over basketball.

At 6’8″ and somewhere between 250 and 270 pounds, James probably would have fit best on the football field playing tight end, defensive end, or even safety. Seriously, can you imagine a 270 pound safety who can run a 4.6-40 going in for a hit on a 5’10”, 180 pound slot receiver?

Whatever the case, we will unfortunately never, in all likelihood, ¬†get to see James play NFL football. But it’s still fun to talk about. And dang, does James look good in full pads.