Larry Foote says the Steelers should have finished 12-4 last year

After losing five games last season by three points or less, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Larry Foote believes they should have finished with a 12-4 record.

“Four games we should have won. Do that, and we’re 12-4, but that’s how the league goes,” said Foote, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “The year before, we made the playoffs and we could have lost four games. The bottom line is we lost some games that we should have won and we didn’t.”

Every NFL team can say if they didn’t lose a close game their record would have been better.  But that’s what happens in a league full of parity.  Time for the Steelers to learn and move on.

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    i thought just looking at the teams we were to play the record would end up 13-3…so he is close