Larry Foote doesn’t believe Jarvis Jones will start right away

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Larry Foote believes Jason Worilds will take over for James Harrison this season and not rookie Jarvis Jones.

“It’s going to be difficult (for Jones to start immediately), especially outside,” Foote said, per the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “There is so much technique, (knowing) where you’ve got to line up, inside or outside. The fortunate thing is they (Jones’ Georgia Bulldogs) played a 3-4. … I’ve seen a lot (of players) come in as rookies and not have a clue, but you can tell he’s been around our type of football.”

Foote makes a good point about a rookie having to come in and learn defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau’s defense.  If Worilds can get the job done, I could see the Steelers only using Jones in certain situations and having him start in 2014.