Larry Fitzgerald admits to being a Minnesota Vikings fan

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Another day, another NFL player admitting they still have emotional ties to the team they rooted for when they were growing up.  This time, it’s Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

Through the team’s official website, Fitzgerald admits he still roots for the Minnesota Vikings when they aren’t playing against his own team and even has friends on the team.

I grew up a Vikings fan and I would be lying to you if I didn’t say I was still a Vikings fan,” Larry Fitzgerald said. “Growing up in Minnesota it’s second nature. I still pull for them when I’m not playing them. A lot of my closest friends in the NFL are Vikings. I’m close with [Everson] Griffen, Jared Allen, Phil [Loadholt], Adrian Peterson, Kyle Rudolph. You pull for your friends.

This should come as no surprise as Fitzgerald was a Vikings’ ball boy when he was a kid along with the fact that his father doesn’t hide his desire for his son to play for Minnesota.

I get the feeling that Fitzgerald probably won’t receive the same backlash Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton did for their similar actions. Maybe it’s the fact that Fitzgerald is the Arizona Cardinals.

  • Michelle Bosch-Nesdahl

    as a hardcore viking fan, I got to admit, I am also a big big fan of Larry Fitzgerald also,,, a true class act for the NFL.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for being a CARDINAL #11.

  • http://Facebook ORGBAFFTH

    I live in Minnesota but can’t wait to see Larry Fitzgerald join the Tom Brady and the New England Patriots

  • OldBob67

    Larry we have room for you here in MN.Love to see it