LaRon Landry not a fan of Mike Shanahan or Bill Belichick

New York Jets safety LaRon Landry seems to be very happy with his new head coach Rex Ryan.

Landry was asked about his time with the Redskins and doesn’t have anything good to say about their doctors or head coach Mike Shanahan.

“That’s why they have great doctors and they have okay doctors, great trainers and okay trainers,” Landry said. “(The Redskins) had people who just had the job title, but not the passion for their job. . . . I don’t respect the training staff at all. I don’t respect the coaches over there. I don’t respect (Shanahan). I do respect Coach (Joe) Gibbs, who brought me there, and Coach Gregg Williams. I respect that 2007 organization. After 2007. . . . nonexistent.”

Landry was shocked head coach Bill Belichick wasn’t around when he visited the Patriots as a free agent

“He wasn’t even there,” Landry says. “So that was a no-brainer. I should have never taken that visit. I was like, ‘Damn, if you’re going to visit, the head coach (should be) there.’ I felt, ‘Okay, that’s a slap in the face.’ ”

Landry is a heck of a player and if he can stay healthy, he may be one of the top safeties in the NFL.

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