Lane Johnson is everything the Eagles thought he was

Philadelphia Eagles offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland told that rookie offensive lineman Lane Johhnson is everything they thought he was.

“Lane, you know, there are still some things, a lot of things, we need to work on,” Stoutland said. “There are a lot of little technical things — detail, technique things that have to be corrected.

“From a skill set standpoint, he’s really good. He’s long. His arms are long. He’s explosive. He’s everything that we thought he would be. Now, the things that we knew about even coming into the draft, we’ve got to get him into some really good habits right now. That’s just everyday stuff — over and over and over so it becomes a good habit.”

Hopefully Johnson can help solidify the Eagles offensive line this season after last season’s debacle.  Philly’s line was so bad in 2012, it was hard to believe that anyone was even trying to block at times.



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