Lance Briggs doesn’t disagree with Brian Urlacher

Earlier this week, Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher came out and said that he doesn’t care about the media and fans of Chicago.

Urlacher’s teammate Lance Briggs says he understands why he made such a strong statement.

“I understand where he’s coming from,” Briggs said, per “I’ve been here a long time, too and I’ve [heard] a lot of boos. For a lot of the wrong reasons. Nobody, on any team I’ve seen, gets booed more at home than here in Chicago.

“That’s also a point to the passion of the Chicago fans. Everyone is passionate, but everyone in Chicago doesn’t know how to run a football team. Everyone doesn’t know how to play professional football. It’s our job to do that.”

If the Bears don’t break out of their current slide, they’ll be hearing boos throughout the offseason.