LaDainian Tomlinson: Mark Sanchez needs to trust himself on the field

Former Jets running back LaDainian Tomlinson told the New York Post that Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez will win the starting job over rookie Geno Smith.

“I think early on by default because I don’t believe Geno Smith will be ready to play,” Tomlinson

Tomlinson does believe rookie Smith will win the starting job if Sanchez turns the ball over too much in the preseason.

“This is a West Coast offense, and really Mark Sanchez has that type of DNA in him because he played at USC in a West Coast offense,” Tomlinson said. “Early on, we probably will see Sanchez take the snaps at the starting spot. But here’s the thing: in preseason, if Mark Sanchez doesn’t show the ability to improve from turning the football over and that race is close between the two, Geno Smith will be the starter.”

Tomlinson says Sanchez needs to start trusting himself.

“Mark has to start to trust himself. Mark does a great job in the film room but when he comes out on the field, he doesn’t trust what he sees out there in terms of coverages and the timing with his receivers,” Tomlinson said. “If he starts to trust himself and not hesitate in throwing the football, then he possibly could turn his career around. I think it’ll be tough at this point because rarely does a zebra change his stripes.”

Sanchez’s confidence in himself is shot and I can’t imagine him turning around his career at this point.



  1. says

    Mark “Sackchez” Sanchez trusts himself: It’s his O. Line he doesn’t trust.! TO succeed, he needs to trust their blocking and protection. He can’t look down the field if he’s checking for blitzing linebackers or a defensive tackle who beat his O. lineman.
    I said it before: The JJJJETS should have gotten rid of Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez –oh, that’s right Tebow can’t pass. uh huh.
    We’ll just wait and see what Belichick has planned for this up coming season.


    The Jets are ONE dimensional: NO RUNNING attack. Shonn Greene? That other running back out of U.S.C.?? Nothing going on. The defensive opponents just RUSH the quarterback, cause hurried throws, knock downs, sack fumbles.
    Rex Ryan is RESPONSIBLE or the entire team; O. line stinks, no running attack, defense shaky. No stars on special teams (oh, except talented Tebow who they had ‘blocking’.)
    Jets are zero. Look for another year of 5 wins and 11 losses.

    _____urp ! That’s for YOU Rex, baby !!

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