Kyle Shanahan says RG3’s mechanics are fine

robert griffin III

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski expressed some concerned over Robert Griffin III’s throwing mechanics.

Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan doesn’t see what Jaws saw.

“I’m pretty impressed with how Robert throws the ball,” Shanahan said Thursday, via the Washington Post. “I think he’s pretty good at it. I think he has pretty good technique, too. It’s all about keeping your technique in the pocket when you’re under duress…. I think Robert is as good of a thrower as there is.”

Shanahan says Griffin looks healthy.

“He looked healthy to me…. There is a little more he’s got to react to and stuff, but he’s been fine out there,” Shanahan said. “You obviously don’t see anything wrong with the knee. If you did, if you saw limps and stuff, he wouldn’t be out there…. He’s getting more reps as it comes. The more reps he gets, the better he gets. And I think he’s gotten better each day.”



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