Kyle Shanahan: RG3 is healthy

robert griffin III 6

Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan doesn’t buy the notion that quarterback Robert Griffin III isn’t healthy.

“Robert is definitely healthy. Not from my opinion of studying X-rays, but from guys who know more than just football – doctors. They say he’s healthy and he looks healthy to me,” said Shanahan via the Washington Post. “I think it’s just natural. Anybody playing with a knee brace and coming off their first year on the ACL, he might not be quite as explosive, or quite as fast – just like anybody who’s torn their ACL. But in terms of health, when the doctors say somebody’s healthy, I definitely feel like he’s healthy.”

Shanahan did admit Rg3 is working his way back mentally.

“It’s just a feel – when to stay a passer , when to stay a runner, guys who have an option to make plays with their legs, they get caught in between a lot,” Shanahan explained. “Yeah, there’s a time and pace for it. Sometimes the defense gives it to you, and sometimes they don’t. And when they don’t, you’ve just got to get more comfortable as a passer, stay looking downfield and get rid of the ball.”

He still thinks Griffin is a running threat to opposing defenses.

“We’re talking a 4.31 to maybe a 4.35. I don’t think Robert’s all of a sudden turned into a guy that can’t run,” Shanahan said. “Robert can still make some plays and can still do both. He just has to pick his times he can do it, and sometimes he doesn’t have an option. Sometimes, the pocket breaks down, sometimes somebody doesn’t get open. And, it’s nice to have a quarterback where the play is not over when that happens. That happens a lot in games and a quarterback has to throw it away or take a sack. And with Robert, weather he’s as explosive or not, he still has an option to do something else with the ball.”