Kyle Shanahan reportedly not in a hurry to become a head coach

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan isn’t in a hurry to become a head coach and some people around the league believe that at the age of 33,  he’s too young right now.

Publicly, the younger Shanahan hasn’t sounded too interested in other jobs, and I’m told privately he hasn’t, either. Based on talking to people around the league, the view from many is that he’s just a bit too young and not quite ready to be a head coach.

Though, few doubt the impressive job he’s done with RG3. And talking to people close with Shanahan, it doesn’t sound like he’s in a hurry to go anywhere. It would be hard to turn down a firm offer for a head coaching job if one came. But Shanahan — who has excelled with the Texans and with theRedskins — might want to continue learning from his father. And, of course, he might be considering the possibility that he is part of the succession plan in Washington. That is not the craziest of thoughts. Anyway, my point is that for a few reasons, I’d be surprised if Kyle Shanahan pops up in the middle of this coaching carousel in a serious way, though it’s no way a reflection of the job he’s done.

Lets’ be honest Mike Shanahan isn’t going to coach the Redskins forever, it might make sense for Kyle to wait until he retires and then take over.



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    All the hatters out there can say what they like. But this is one hell of a smart kid. So smart that he realizes that staying with his father to coach a few more years and to complete the overhaul and thereby fix of the hapless redskins and push them into the championship bowl will only increase the demand for his services.
    I believe he will be the head coach of the redskins one day when the ole man retires. But know this. Those two are no longer the pune of the end of a joke in coaching circles. Look at that team now! So all you Shannahan hatters out there. Get on the bus or get left behind. This team is heading to the bowl if not this season, very soon in the future. This offence is one hell of an offence. JUST ASK YOUR COACH!

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