Kyle Shanahan: Defenses have caught up to the read-option

Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan told reporters today that defenses has figured out how to slow down the read-option.

“When you have something that was that successful … guys are too smart,” Shanahan said of defensive coordinators, via “They are going to work all offseason and find a way to stop it. And when that happens you got to better at the other stuff. And I think we do have other stuff. And I think we’re getting better at it.”

Shanahan admits last year was easy because of how the read-option caught teams by surprise.

“The thing about last year: A lot of people weren’t ready for it at all,” Shanahan said. “It was easy at times. Now, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work. You just aren’t shocking people like you were last year.”

At the end of the day,  Robert Griffin III is going to have to beat opposing defenses with his arm, not his legs.


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