Kirk Cousins understands his role, knows he must be patient

Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins knows he has to be patient and wait to get a shot at being a starting NFL quarterback.

“Patience is the name of the game,” Cousins said Thursday on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning, via “It’s a part of life. Things don’t happen as fast as we want them to. I was a backup at Michigan State for two years. That’s part of the deal: You wait your turn.

“Right now, I view my NFL career as a marathon, not a sprint. While I may have to sit for a few years … I believe long-term that may be the best blessing I could possibly have had.”

Cousins main focus is to have a long career, which is good goal to have.

“For me, it’s about playing as long as I can,” Cousins said. “Having the best 12- or 14-year career if I’m blessed to have that. It’s about having as long of a career as possible, not getting off to as fast of a start as possible.

“If I’m good enough, I’m going to get my chance. If I’m not good enough, I’ll have to live with that. I’m not worried about if I’m going to get my chance.”

It’s only a matter of time before Cousins gets a shot.  It likely won’t come with the Redskins since they have Robert Griffin III, but it will happen.  I can see Cousins getting traded in another year or two to a team that needs a starter.