Kirk Cousins thinks RG3 will help pick the Redskins next head coach

robert griffin IIIKirk Cousins recently implied that he believes Robert Griffin III will help pick the Redskins next head coach.

“I’m sure Mr. Snyder and Robert and those people will have a lot of input as to who the hire is,” said Cousins via Adam Schefter.

Of course RG3 will have a say.

I also believe the Redskins won’t necessarily get the best coach they can because they’re only going to hire someone that will start Griffin no matter what next season.  The last thing they want is a guy that will come in and start a controversy at quarterback.  Even though it was obvious this season that Cousins isn’t the answer right now.

 Update: Redskins are claiming that RG3 won’t be involved in their coaching search.



  1. says

    what is wrong with RG3 at least giving his input in the selection of a new coach. it doesn’t mean that the organization will take his advice and run with it, after all, it will be just an opinion. also, contrary to what most people were saying, i said all along that Cousins isn’t as good as most pundits were claiming. RG3 is the franchise so why wouldn’t you give him every chance to fail, especially after giving up so much to get him. it’s not as if there are a lot of guys out there who are better than RG3 any way. The guys was only in his 2nd year of NFL FOOTBALL and you want to throw in the towel with him when even Stevie Wonder could see that the Team had far more issues than the QB play of Griffin.

  2. football_fan says

    Look for another mediocre season if the only criteria for coaching is for RG III to start & play every down.

  3. says

    Who is running that group in Washington when the BIG Mouth QB who stunk it up has a say in who coaches the full team in the future. No wonder Washington is in the place it is!

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