Kirk Cousins still lobbying for a chance to start

Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins is still lobbying for a chance to become an NFL starter even though it doe’t look like any teams are interested.

“I think it’s a win-win for me, because I really do love it here,” Cousins said on 106.7 The Fan’s Grant and Danny show recently. “I love this city, I love the fan base, the tradition of our organization. I love the people in our organization, my teammates. I’ve really come to love it here; I’m very comfortable here in D.C. So If someone were to say, ‘You’re gonna be here for a year or two more years’ — or even longer than that — I really don’t have any worries about that.

“That being said, from the day I was drafted, all I’ve really wanted is the chance to compete to be a starting quarterback,” Cousins said via the Washington Post. “I think that’s what all of us ask for, in whatever profession we have, we want a chance to show what we can do. You [Grant Paulsen] want a chance to see what you can do on a radio show. I think you do a great job, but I only know that because I’ve seen you do it, I’ve listened to you, I can see the work you do. So from where I’m sitting, I just want that chance.

“And because of the situation I was drafted into in D.C., that obviously isn’t in the cards for me,” Cousins said. “And so my attitude all along has been, if someone wants to give me that opportunity to have that chance to compete, I’d love to go somewhere. But right now in D.C. if I stay, my job is to be a great backup and hopefully one day become a starter.”

No one should be surprised Cousins wants to start, but the problem is he didn’t play well enough last season to make the Redskins give him that chance or to make another team actually want to trade for him.  So it looks like he’ll be RG3’s back up until he becomes a free agent.

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