Kirk Cousins isn’t going anywhere

kirk cousins 2As much as Redskins fans would love their team to trade Kirk Cousins for a high draft pick,  it’s not happening, according to The Washington Post.

It doesn’t sound like Cousins is going anywhere unless a team decides to part ways with a high draft pick, which likely won’t happen.

Cousins is going nowhere. Oh, he says he wouldn’t mind a trade (hint, hint), but he’s fine staying in Washington (wink, wink).

But the harsh truth was proven in late December when Cousins stumbled through three losses as Robert Griffin III’s insurance policy. There was nothing that showed Cousins is worth anything more than a pick in the fourth round — where he was taken in 2012.

The only way Cousins leaves is if some team goes nuts after the draft and offers a high 2015 pick after failing to get a passer. Teams make lousy trades, but not many are willing to overpay for a fourth-round backup.

As much as some people would love to believe Cousins is worth more than a fourth round pick,  he’s not.  There’s still a better chance he’s a career back up then franchise starter at this point.

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