Kirk Cousins feels a sense of urgency as the Redskins starter

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Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins says he feels a sense of urgency now that he’s the starter while Robert Griffin III rehabs his knee.

“I think the approach doesn’t change a whole lot in terms of the time I’m putting in or the tape I’m studying,” said Cousins, per the Washington Post. “Where it changes is that sense of urgency. You feel that added excitement or added urgency to be ready to go. We don’t know what it’s going to look like. He may be ready by mid-August. He may be ready mid-September, mid-October. I don’t know. That’s not my job. My job is to get myself ready and when called upon, deliver. And I’m going to do all I can between now and then to do that.”

Cousins made it clear that all he cares about is having a long NFL career.

“I have the long view in mind. I hope and I’m going to make this career. Not a two-year career but a 10- or 12-year career, hopefully even longer,” Cousins said. “So with the long view in mind, I do believe that as long as I keep doing my job, answer the call when I get thrown in there, I’ll be ready to go and be able to play this game a long time. So I’m not in a hurry to be out there playing. I do believe I’m going to get my opportunities. I understand I have plenty still to work on. I see a lot of blessings in my situation right now in Washington D.C. That’s why I’m so excited to be part of the Redskins.”

I understand why Cousins is so anxious, but he needs to calm down.  I think there’s a really good chance RGIII will be ready for week one.

  • Fred Johnson

    What a waste of an article… how do you have any clue that RGIII will be ready day one? Not even HE knows that for sure.

    KC will end up being the starting QB for the Redskins.. mark my word. RGIII is going to have a short career once he gets that knee whacked for a third time.