Keyshawn Johnson selling his mansion to get away from Justin Bieber


Former NFL wide receiver Keywhawn Johnson, as well former NFL star Eric Dickerson came out and expressed their concern over how recklessly Justin Bieber drives his Ferrari in their Beverly Hills neighborhood.

At one time Johnson even tried to chase Bieber down in his Prius.  Now it looks like he’s trying to move out of the neighborhood to get away from Bieber.

Black Sports Online has the story:

Keyshawn Johnson is fed up. The former NFL bad boy has mended his ways and matured, so he has no tolerance for the shenanigans of others, including celebrity pop star Justin Bieber who just happens to be one of his neighbors. is reporting that Keyshawn has put his Calabasas mansion up for sale.

It seems that Keyshawn just got tired of Justin Bieber’s endless ridiculousness. Johnson had put the mansion up for sale months ago, but in a desperate attempt to be rid of Biebs, Keyshawn keeps lowering the price of the 11,746 square foot mansion. Word of Bieber leaving skid marks all throughout the posh community with his fast driving has left buyers unwilling to take the risk, so Keyshawn who was originally asking $10.5 million, has now lowered the price to $8.5 million.

A $2 million discount for Bieber bad behavior seems like a steal. We can imagine that Keyshawn isn’t amused, and it doesn’t seem as though buyers are taking the bait.


  • Bill Maltby

    Where are the cops. Are they too busy getting his autograph or fooling around with the BIMBO’S after the little pecker head had his way with them. That’s sick. Maybe he just paid them off to look the other way, I can see that happening… Hey Keyshawn, get a set of spike strips, that would slow him down …hahaha

    • Anonymous

      cops only punish poor people you should know better

  • Anonymous

    Is it me or is Bieber starting to look like Molly Cyrus?

    • FromThereToHere

      it’s Miley, but I agree, he does.

  • Anonymous

    Dam right he should move his a teenager of corse his going to do that if thsts the case pretty much everyone will move in this world! Get a flipping grip! All beacuse his a teenager well none making a big deal out of it there loads of celebrity s out there worse than justin bieber!

    • Anonymous

      That was painful to read. Please refrain from boloviating all over your sentences in future comments.

      • Big E

        And if you’re going to use a two dollar word, don’t spend a buck fifty buying it. It’s bloviate, not boloviate.

  • Ryan

    C’mon Keyshawn, running away? Whoop the kids ass up and down the neighborhood streets. I’m sure the neighbors won’t see a thing.

    • FromThereToHere

      it SAYS Keyshawn has mended his ways and matured; no need to stoop down to the Bieb’s level of juvenile behavior.