Kevin Kolb will get the start for the Bills this week

kevin kolb

As much as the Buffalo Bills want rookie E.J. Manuel to be their starting quarterback this season, they will give veteran Kevin Kolb a fair chance at winning the job by letting him start in this week’s game against the Vikings.

Even if Kolb somehow wins the Bills’ starting job, he’ll likely be hurt by week two.  He can’t even walk around at practice without getting injured.



  1. paco martinez says

    What was wrong with Ryan Fitzpatrick? I thought ‘Beardsley’ did a pretty decent job last season!
    Now, he’s gone I don;t understand the NFL.
    Fitzpatrick & the Bills had a relatively good season. They got RID OF Fitz.
    Sanchez & the Jets had a HORRIBLE season:They KEPT Mark “Sackchez” Sanchez. Whut’s goin on in that there NFL??? (scratch, scratch) ??

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