Kevin Kolb slips on mat, leaves practice with possible knee injury

kevin kolb

With QB Kevin Kolb, it’s not so much if as it is when will he get injured and miss time. Barely a week into his first training camp with the Buffalo Bills, the oft-injured play caller left Saturday’s practice early after he apparently slipped on a mat while walking from one field to another, as per Pro Football Talk.

Sal Capaccio, radio host at WGR550 in Buffalo, said that while trainers were looking at Kolb’s left knee, the quarterback was “visibly upset on his way into (the) locker room.”

Kolb’s latest injury would almost be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetically sad. With Tavaris Jackson jettisoned in June, the Bills went into training camp with E.J. Manuel, Jeff Tuel, and Kolb as their three quarterbacks. While Manuel has clearly outplayed Kolb thus far in camp, I doubt very much the Bills want to go through the preseason with only Manuel and Tuel as the QBs on their roster. Hopefully for Buffalo Kolb isn’t out for too long with his suspected knee injury, because, poor play and brittle body or not, Manuel, Tuel and the Bills need his veteran presence on the field and in the locker room.

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