Kevin Gilbride: David Wilson still makes mistakes in pass protection

david wilson

New York Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride told the media that running back David Wilson has made “significant” improvement in pass protection, but he’s “still not 100 percent.”

“You see a guy like David Wilson, who started with no clue on who to block, much less how to block, to a pretty good understanding of what it is that he has to do,” Gilbride said, via “Now it is a matter of doing it. And it is a matter of getting better at it. He is still not 100 percent.”

Gilbride likes the way Wilson has approached everything this offseason and wants to see him improve with catching passed out of the backfield as well as “become a good pass protector.”

“He still makes mistakes but there has certainly been some significant [growth],” Gilbride added. “Now until you get the pads on -– and he has to show that he, as a smaller guy, can do the things necessary that other small backs in this league have done –- you are still kind of holding your breath when you see him.”

It’s not like Andre Brown is much better with protecting the quarterback.  He blew a few assignments last season as well.


  1. Keith says

    Brown is prob going to get the nod again but SPLIT the carries 50/50 with Wilson. Brown is better at pass blocking but Wilson is much more explosive. This will be deadly duo for the next decade if we can sign Leach the running game will take off!!! Then add Play Action Nicks Cruz going deep and the TE and Murphy taking the middle of the feild.

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