Kenny Britt worried more about his health than a new contract

Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt admits that he’s more worried about staying healthy this coming season than landing a new contract.

“Every year is important to me,” Britt said, said per The Tennessean. “I am hoping everyone is praying for me to be healthy and to stay healthy. I feel good, and feel I am in the best shape I have been in. I am not too worried about the contract. I am just worried about staying healthy.”

Second-year receiver Kendall Wright says Britt is looking healthy.

“Kenny is healthy and he’s doing good. He looks way different,” Wright said. “He took his offseason serious and went and got his knees right.”

Britt wants to show everyone that he can be the same player that he was in 2011.

“I don’t believe I have to prove anything,” he said. “There’s things that I would like to prove — that I can be the receiver that I was two years ago. And I am going to be the receiver I was two years ago. I’m focusing more on football than I ever have in my life the last couple months. So I’m really excited to see what I can do this year.”

Whether Britt has a great season or not, I don’t believe the Titans will sign him to an extension.  He’s injury prone and has too many character concerns.


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