Kenjon Barner turnning heads in Carolina

kenjon barner

According to the Charlotte Observer,  Panthers rookie running back Kenjon Barner “has turned heads among his teammates” in camp so far.

“I think he’s going to be a great change of pace back for us,” tight end Ben Hartsock said. “It’s an exciting thing to have that 1-2 punch with the big backs that we’ve got that are able to stretch and cut. But also a scat back to be able to do those things, it really does make your offense more dynamic.”

“Did I expect it? I never expect anything,” Barner said of the reps he’s gotten in training camp.
“That’s kind of been my thing for as long as I can remember. I go in with no preconceived notions of what it’s going to be like. “But was I working toward it? Yes. And that’s what you have to do. You have to work in order to get what you want in this game. By me working I wanted to get those extra reps, and hopefully by showing those coaches my work day-in and day-out, I hope I’ve earned it.”
Despite Barner’s smaller stature, I think he can be quite a weapon in the NFL.   He can possibly be used the way the Saints use Darren Sproles.

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