Kendall Wright is quickly impressing the Titans

Getty Images

Tennessee Titans 20th overall pick in the 2012 draft, Kendall Wright, is blowing them away with how quickly he is learning their offense and the wide receiver “X” position they are now having him learn two more positions, the “F” and “Z”; creating the possibility of moving him around to where he is needed throughout the season.

“At some point he will get overloaded, which is normal for a player. But we see the things we saw before the draft, and we want to move him around and put him in some other spots,” Titans offensive coordinator Chris Palmer told Wyatt. “He is a rookie and he is learning, but he is doing an excellent job. He has tremendous quickness, and he is learning the system.”

Switching from a wide receiver in college to the NFL is no easy feat but Wright is eager to learn. “I ask questions after every play, if I was doing something right or if I was doing something wrong,” Wright said. “I ask everybody if I need to do something different. It makes it easier if you ask. If you hold it in, you will never know what to do.”