Ken Wisenhunt believes they can get Philip Rivers to the Pro Bowl

San Diego Chargers offensive coordinator Ken Wisenhunt believes their new coaching staff can help quarterback Philip Rivers get back to the Pro Bowl.

“I think he can be a Pro Bowl quarterback,” Whisenhunt said, per “I think he can play at that level again. That’s certainly something I see from him, and hopefully we’ll be able to achieve that this year.

“Let me say this, from the standpoint of having been in this league for a long time and having seen good quarterbacks: This guy is up there, as far as his ability to process things, his ability to make all the throws that he needs to make and his ability to be a leader and rally these guys around him.”

Wisenhunt doesn’t believe it’s fair to completely blame Rivers for his struggles over the past few years.

“I think it’s unfair to really say the QB was at fault,” Whisenhunt said. “I know he had some interceptions, but he didn’t get a lot of protection, he didn’t get a lot of help and that was difficult. So, I’m excited, just on my time with him, in talking with him and meeting with and being on the field with him. He’s a good quarterback, and I expect him to have a good year.”

Wisenhunt believes Rivers can handle the offense they want to run.

“To me, Philip is a guy that can handle all those different facets,” Whisenhunt said. “If it’s checks, if it’s getting us into the right plays, if it’s executing the actual plays called, from a number of different platforms, he does a great job with that. That’s what I’ve been most impressed about. So for him to be successful, he obviously has to operate the offense.”

Rivers is still a very good quarterback.  He’s fallen victim to a lot of unfortunate circumstances in San Diego over the past few years.