Kellen Winslow blames allergy medication for failed PED test

New York Jets tight end Kellen Winslow claims he believes allergy medication is the reason he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.

“It’s just life and you have to deal with stuff,” Winslow said. “People that know me know that I’m not trying to gain an edge or something like that illegally or anything like that. I respect the game too much for that.”

He added that the only thing he recently changed in his daily regimen was taking “something from a doctor,” but not a prescription. Winslow said it was “more like vitamins.” ”It’s just my allergies, period,” Winslow said. “It’s just to help my allergies, help inflammation, my knee. So, I think that’s what it was.”

Sounds like a good story.  I just don’t know if it’s the truth.


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