Justin Tuck knows “change is inevitable”

justin tuck

New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck told the media that he will be “a little teary-eyed when I walk off the field Sunday,” since he could be playing his final game with Big Blue with his contract running out after this season.

“It’s football — change is inevitable,” Tuck said via the New York Post. “It’s a business, and next year I’ll either be here trying to put some more trophies in the trophy room or I’ll be somewhere else trying to put a trophy in the trophy room.”

Tuck told the media that he “would love to be back” with the Giants next season.

Tuck plans on sitting back and letting everything play out.

“I’ll let the process come to me,” Tuck said. “That’s why [general manager] Jerry Reese gets paid a lot of money and my agent gets paid a lot of money. They’ll figure it out. I’m sure they’ll talk, if they haven’t already.”


  1. @MichaelLSR says

    If the Giants let him walk they might as well never resign another team member ever again. Hell, just draft and draft and draft and draft and….oh

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