Justin Tuck to Giants fans: “Don’t be a fair weather fan”

justin tuck 6

New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck has a message for the fans who support his team.

“Don’t be a fair-weather fan,” he said, per the Newark Star-Ledger. “It’s about being a fan in the good and the bad. I trust that we’re going to try our best to figure this thing out. It won’t be because of lack of effort or lack of searching.

“We’ll definitely put forth a great effort and turn over every rock to see if we can turn this thing around.”

Jason Pierre-Paul had something to add.

“If they gave up they ain’t real Giants fans,” said JPP.

It’t not about fans being fair weather.  The Giants are a playoff team and have been playing terrible since last season.  Giants fans have high expectations for their team.  Tuck needs to step up.  He hasn’t been a top-tier pass rusher since 2010.


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