Justin Pugh gained 10 pounds of muscle this offseason

Giants offensive lineman Justin Pugh told reporters that he’s gained 10 pounds of muscle this offseason.

“I’m like 315 right now, so I put on about 10 pounds,” Pugh said on Tuesday at the team’s facility. “I feel very good. I’m stronger than ever and now we’re going to start running — get that going. Continue to get better and continue to work hard.”

Pugh came into offseason workouts around 298 last year, which represents a pretty significant power upgrade. He played the season between 300 and 302.

The weight should give him the freedom to shift between both tackle and guard, though Pugh said the addition has nothing to do with a potential change.

“I really think it was just a product of me getting into the weight room,” Pugh said. “(Strength and conditioning coach Jerry Palmieri) has really gotten after me. We’ve lifted every day for the past few months and when you’re in there and pushing each other, I think that just gets everyone better.

“I’m starting to feel it in my upper body and I feel really good about it.”


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