Julius Thomas: Broncos will use me more creatively in 2014

Tight end Julius Thomas says the Broncos are going to use him differently this coming season.

“What I think people will see different in me (this year) is that they will use me a lot more creatively,” Thomas told FOXSports.com. “I think there are a lot of things that our offense wanted to do with me, but you can only learn so much in one year. No matter how much time you have at practice, it never seems to be enough when you’re learning and trying to come into your own.”

Thomas believes he’s only going to get better.

“I do think I’m still scratching the surface,” Thomas said. “I’ve had guys who have told me that playing football around Year 4 and Year 5, it starts to click and then it all starts to make sense of what you’re doing. That’s typical of a normal guy who has been playing forever. I still think I have so far to go. I need to keep getting repetitions and keep getting comfortable with things.”

Thomas says he’s a lot more comfortable this year.

“I learned so much more and I’m so much more comfortable in pass protections and run schemes,” Thomas said. “I’ve had a chance to hit all of the details in the run game, and I think that will allow us to do more versatile things in the run game.”