Julius Peppers will likely need to take a pay cut to stay in Chicago

Dan Pompei believes defensive end Julius Peppers will likely have to take a pay cut in order to stick around with the Chicago Bears for next season.

There is no way the Bears should pay Peppers more than $18 million which is what his contract calls for him to earn. He was to close to an $18 million player last year. However, he still does have value. What I anticipate is the Bears will ask him to take a pay cut. Not a restructure in which more money is pushed into the future, but a pay cut. If Peppers is willing to play ball, he will remain in Chicago. My guess is if he is insulted by it, or wants to be elsewhere, he will be cut. If he gets on the open market, however, he’s going to find that no team is going to pay him $18 million, or close to it, for 2014. His agent should know that. So he may be willing to take less from the Bears.

Peppers had a good season in 2013, but he’s not worth $18 million for next season.