Julius Peppers done in Chicago after this season?

There’s a good chance the Chicago Bears will move on from defensive Julius Peppers next season.

With Peppers about to turn 34 years old and the fact that he only has one sack this season so far simply doesn’t help his case,  since he’s scheduled to earn $13.9 million in 2014.

ProFootballTalk.com has some more details regarding Peppers’ contract.

Treating Peppers as a post-June 1 cap casualty would spread the cap consequences evenly over 2014 and 2015, at $4.183 million per year.  That’s more than $8 million in dead money, but still a lot less than what it will cost by way of cash and cap dollars to keep Peppers around.

PFT is right,  it would really  be worth it for the Bears to cut bait and have $4 million count against the cap over the next two years rather than eating over $13 million.


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