Julian Edelman has a good chance at making the Patriots roster

Mike Rodak of ESPNBoston.com believes there’s an 80 percent chance wide reciever Julian Edelman makes the Patriots final roster.

Rodak listed his reasons that Edelman should and should not make the roster.

Edelman is the only wide receiver who recorded a catch last season who is still on the roster. His familiarity with quarterback Tom Brady makes him an asset, especially with uncertainty swirling around the tight end position. The Patriots drafted two receivers in April — Aaron Dobson (second round) and Josh Boyce (fourth round) — but both were sidelined with injuries during minicamp earlier this month. While Edelman also has been unable to practice this offseason, it would be a risky proposition to let go of a known quantity in the offense.


Now entering his fifth NFL season, the former seventh-round pick has taken root in the NFL, but there are still questions about his ceiling. For a while, there was talk of him being a capable replacement for Wes Welker. Instead, the Patriots turned to free agent Danny Amendola this offseason when Welker departed. They also added veteran running back Leon Washington, who has extensive experience as both a kick and punt returner, which could limit Edelman’s value on special teams. If Dobson and Boyce are able to build confidence within the offense, Edelman could slide down the depth chart, with salary ($715,000 plus $40,000 Week 1 roster bonus) and durability (has not played full 16-game season) concerns putting him at risk of not making the final cut.

As long as Edelman stays healthy during the preseason, I can’t imagine why the Pats would want to let him go.  He’s proven during his career that he can make an impact when he’s on the field.



    TO: Patriots FROM: a fan RE: Receivers.
    Dear Sir WHY did you idiots let Wes Welker go to the Broncos? Now with Gronk sidelined with 29 surgeries and Hernandez likely in jail for the next 30 to life, you’ve got WHO. ??Edleman? .USUALLY, the Pats are considered one of the BEST teams at getting personnel. WHO is Tom Brady going to throw to? WHO?
    T.O. is available. Chad Ocho-Cinco is availabe. Plaxico Burress is availabe. Randy Moss etc.
    IT’s like a chess-game; you LOST all your receivers,
    Who’s makes up your running attack?
    WHO? Never heard of ’em:
    L@@KY, iF you want to go to another Super Bowel you NEED receivers who can get open and CATCH the ball, you need a running game. etc. you need good defense & special teams.
    BE SURE to put Tebow in ONLY as a blocker for punts, etc.
    GEEZ, I just may not watch you guys this season.

  2. says

    Some of your comments make sense but are just silly. Who makes up the running attack? How about Stevan Ridley who rushed for approximately 1300 yards and almost 5 yards per carry last year, and that’s saying a lot coming from the Patriots who split snaps between numerous running backs. Secondly, Ridley isn’t even the most talented RB on the roster. Brandon Bolden could play in a lot of backfields this season. I could go on and on .

  3. Anonymous says

    Julian Edelman has a good chance at making the Patriots roster. Should read, Julian Edelman has an audition for the Brady and Bellychick Circus!

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