Judge orders Plaxico Burress’ home be auctioned off

plaxico burressAccording to USA Today Sports, a judge has ordered the auction of Plaxico Burress’ Virginia Beach home due to liens against his property that stem from a 2008 traffic incident down in Florida.

Judge H. Thomas Padrick Jr. ordered Monday the property will be sold at auction no more than one week following the fifth advertisement of the sale in the local newspaper, according to court documents emailed to USA TODAY Sports by the lawyer for the plaintiff in the suit.

Burress’ driving license was suspended March 25 and he has not filed any “responsive pleadings” to the latest proceedings.

Per Padrick’s order, the property is valued at $460,000. Burress owes $159,000 to a woman who claims Burress caused her to suffer neck and back injuries when he rear-ended her nearly five years ago. Burress was a member of the New York Giants at the time and, six months later, accidentally shot himself in the leg in a Manhattan night club.

It seems like ever since Burress went to prison for accidentally firing a gun in a New York City night club, his life hasn’t been easy.