Josh McDaniels to Cleveland reports are back for another year

It looks like the Josh McDaniels to Cleveland rumors are back once again.

Last year McDaniels was linked to the Browns when they were looking for a new head coach and it looks like his name will be attached to them once again.


  • Anonymous

    Gretat great job Josh: NOW go get Tebow and get started on a real ground & pound, run & shoot offense.

  • Keith Calhoun

    Looks like another 8 years of suckieness.Get Banner and Lombardi out also .They deserve to be fired more than Chud.Colt McCoy is laughing his ass off in SanFran !!!

    • mike c

      Find another team, the front office and owner are tired of losing. This coaching staff has talent but didn’t know how to use them. Look at 6 new coaches in the league all with way better records than Chud and less talent. As a long time fan its time to produce or get out. I like the move.