Josh Freeman wouldn’t mind playing for the Vikings next season

Despite the fact that Josh Freeman was benched after one start this season with the Vikings,  he wouldn’t mind returning to Minnesota next year.

‘I definitely have interest in coming back, for sure,” Freeman said via “It’s a great organization, a great team.”

Freeman believes he’ll have the chance to talk with Vikings about his future at some point soon.

“I’ve never been a free agent before,” said the five-year pro, who spent his first four seasons playing for Tampa Bay. “But I imagine that’s part of the process.”

Freeman says he’s not upset that he hasn’t played.

“It’s not something I’m going to sit down and be like, ‘Do I have interest or not?’ ” Freeman said. “I’ll just kind of know how it feels (as time goes on). I’ve enjoyed my time very much here. Great guys on the team. Minneapolis, great city.”

I wouldn’t be mad either if I was collecting $3 million to do nothing.




  1. says

    Josh Freeman ‘benched after one start” gawdamit.!!
    And Vikings haven’t even considered TIM TEBOW>??? Run & gun PERFECT for Toby Gerhart & A.P. !! Are these coaches stupid? ASK Urlacher about Tebow?!! Ask Polomalu about Tebow? Tebow and his running attack BEAT the great Chicago defense AND the Steel-curtain defense.
    But BUT Tebow’s not ‘good enough’ for some of these teams with literally pieces of sh$%T for QB’s LOOK at the Raiders walk on, non drafted lost 5–could TEBOW do better? YOU BET.
    I’m gonn astop watching ANY NFL games and stay with college.

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