Josh Freeman: Bucs didn’t believe I’m a franchise quarterback

Vikings quarterback Josh Freeman told The Dan Patrick Show that while he was in Tampa  he believed he was a their franchise quarterback and head coach Greg Schiano made it clear that he didn’t agree.

“They didn’t see me as the guy,” Freeman said via “They didn’t see me as the guy who could get it done and I strongly disagree with that. But at the same time, it’s not really my decision to make. It’s just been an awesome deal, being blessed, having the opportunity to come play with an organization like Minnesota.”

Freeman even says that after the Bucs drafted Mike Glennon this past April they assured him it was to develop him for later down the road.

“You hear a lot of speculation and whispers and people saying different things, but the bottom line is it was a situation where the coach wanted to bring in his guy,” Freeman said. “It happens all the time in this league.”

I find it funny that the Bucs claimed they drafted Glennon as a long-term developmental quarterback.  My question is why would you need Glennon when you have a young player like Freeman?

It’s pretty obvious Schiano never wanted Freeman.



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