Josh Freeman has a concussion, Christian Ponder expected to start this week

Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier told the media today that Josh Freeman suffered a concussion during Monday night’s loss to the Giants.  Christian Ponder is expected to start on Sunday night against the Packers.

I’m sure Green Bay will load the box to shut down Adrian Peterson and force Ponder to beat them.


  1. says

    Sooooooo instead of giving stud running back / qb Tim Tebow a try-out; you

    guys grab Josh Freeman?

    Maybe you can still pick up Matt Leinhart (USC QB) and Heisman Trophy


    Or you might try Tebow.

    Jeff Fischer Titans head coach had running QB Vince Young. But Jeff (NOW

    RAMS head coach) passed again on running/QB Tebow.

    Guaranteed Tebow won’t throw all his gear into the stands !!!

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