Josh Cribbs admits to tampering, his agent does damage control

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Cribbs was asked by ESPN Radio in Cleveland if he’s been talking with other teams.

“My agent has been meeting with several different teams. There is a lot of interest. There are already numbers brought to the table. Things are happening. Wheels are turning behind closed doors,: said Cribbs, per

The problem with what Cribbs said is that he and his agent aren’t supposed to be talking with any other teams until he becomes a free agent on March 12th.

Cribbs’ agent J.R. Rickett went on Twitter to do some damage control.

Sorry to break it to you guys, but Cribbs already let the cat out of the bag.  The Browns have the option to file a tampering complaint against any teams that have been speaking with Cribbs and his agent.  We’ll have to see what happens.


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