Josh Brent’s trial kicked off on Monday

josh brentAccording to the Associated Press,   the trial of former Cowboys defensive lineman Josh Brent kicked off on Monday and if he ends up being convicted of intoxication manslaughter or manslaughter, he could get nailed with 20 years in prison after killing one his former teammates Jery Brown after wrecking the car they were in because he decided to drive drunk.

Brent’s attorney has argued his client deserves probation, and Brown’s mother says she has forgiven her son’s college teammate and friend. But prosecutors have made Brent’s case a priority, and it comes to trial after weeks of debate over a case in neighboring Tarrant County that ended with a teenage motorist getting probation for a drunken wreck that killed four people last year.

“We do anticipate that this case will send a clear message about how strongly the citizens of Dallas County feel about their intoxication laws,” said Heath Harris, the Dallas County first assistant district attorney, in an interview shortly after Brent’s arrest in December 2012.

George Milner, Brent’s attorney, has said his client was struggling months later with the aftermath of the accident. Brent was put on leave from the Cowboys and retired last year. Several Cowboys players could testify during the two-week trial, including those who were drinking with Brent and Brown the night of the wreck.

“All he had was Jerry Brown and his teammates on the Cowboys,” Milner said. “Now he has none of that.”

I think it would surprise everyone if Brent didn’t end up some some jail time.  My guess is that he’ll get under ten years.  But we’ll see what happens.



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