Jonathan Vilma’s restaurant refuses to serve Roger Goodell

By @ALLIN1PRO, @JeremyIvans13 (Twitter)

With the money and power that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has you would think he could eat at any restaurant he wants.  Well not exactly, there’s one place he’s not welcome and that is at a restaurant owned by Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma.

USA Today has the story:

What caught our attention Tuesday night on Twitter was a photo of a window at Brother Jimmy’s, where a sign with Goodell’s face is taped to the glass. And in all caps surrounding the commissioner’s mug, the message reads: “DO NOT SERVE THIS MAN.”

An employee confirmed to USA TODAY Sports that the signs are, indeed, posted on all of the restaurant’s front windows and inside the dining room.

Brother Jimmy’s is owned by Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams, Panthers linebacker Jon Beason and Vilma, all of whom are University of Miami alums. The restaurant just opened Aug. 8, so you would think denying any customers wouldn’t be in the best interest of the fledgling business.

I really cant blame Vilma for not allowing Goodell in his place, but why not just jack the prices up if he shows up and make some more money at his expense?

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