Jonathan Vilma wants to be meet with Roger Goodell

According to ESPN’s Ed Werder, Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma is now willing to meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell regarding the bounty allegations.  This would be the first time that both men will be meeting together regarding the matter.

Peter Ginsberg, who represents New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma, said Tuesday that the suspended-and-now-reinstated player will inform the league that he’s willing to meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell regarding the bounty allegations for the first time.

Ginsberg has sent unofficial notice through an email with the league office and will formally do so before the commissioner’s deadline — the end of business Tuesday.

“If the commissioner feels sitting down with Jonathan and discussing matters will lead to a quick and fair resolution, Jonathan has been and continues to be willing to cooperate in any way that helps the truth come out,” Ginsberg told ESPN. “We only hope the commissioner keeps an open mind and doesn’t feel restricted by his previous and clearly erroneous conclusions.”

Ginsberg says they want to see the evidence that Goodell has against him.

“We want to see the evidence and confront the witnesses,” Ginsberg said. “When the commissioner produces less than 1 percent of the evidence gathered in the investigation, it became abundantly clear we were not being offered a fair opportunity to present to him in a very strong and detailed manner what in fact took place and decided not to participate in what was clearly a charade.

“We hope that now as we regroup that we are provided a fair and appropriate avenue to a just resolution.”

Hopefully Vilma meeting with Goodell will lead us one step closer to this entire mess being resolved.

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