Jonathan Vilma laughs off NFL’s “ledger” evidence

Getty Images

On Friday, a report surfaced that stated that the NFL currently possesses a “ledger” that was kept by the New Orleans Saints to keep track of the earnings of each player involved in their bounty program.

Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma–who’s currently suspended for the next year after reportedly being labeled the ring leader behind the bounty scandal–responded to the news by laughing it off on Twitter.

Vilma tweeted, “I’ve been asking the nfl for evidence for 2mos and got nothin but somehow a ledger gets “leaked”…and the leak was wrong! lol I love it”

As Vilma laughs off the evidence of the Saints having a “ledger,” I can only laugh at how dumb he thinks people are.  It’s a joke that he really believes he’s innocent when more and more damning evidence keeps surfacing.  From Sean Pamphilon’s account to the “ledger” and even to Vilma’s reported involvement in a bounty program at the University of Miami, during his college days.